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What is an Enlightenment Intensive?

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What is an Enlightenment Intensive?

In form, the Enlightenment Intensive (EI) is a container, a vessel, a safe and sacred space. There are agreements we all make... to follow rules, a schedule, and a common aim: the truth. This is a silent retreat. Except for communicating to the listening partners in the dyads, participants do not speak to each other. But the staff are always available to talk to. We are formally trained and deeply devoted to supporting you through your struggles and in the direction of your truth and the Truth Itself. We are there for you 24/7, no-matter-what. 

Participants begin to sense this safety, this sacred space created. They start to let down their guard, to speak their mind and pour their heart out... to release what weighs them down. They simply tell the truth. Though it is not therapy, it is highly therapeutic. At some point, often about half way through the intensive, the sincere and hard-working participant will put all their story behind them, and in the face of fear or whatever else arises, they dig into to this thing right here and now: reality itself. Things often start to get quite interesting at this point. Communicating one rising experience after another, letting nothing (including nothing) stop them from the business at hand, this participant stays steadily poised in pure self-awareness... noticing what's true, communicating that, noticing... communicating... all the while opening and intending to Directly Experience the Absolute Truth.

In essence, the EI is a journey... an adventurous, exciting, challenging, and wonderfully rewarding journey within. We are all in it together, set out for this heralded realm called Truth. And yet, the journey is our very own

There is no doctrine or teaching to believe in. The only thing taught is a technique that points the participant directly at the truth of who or what they are, and also how to get through the barriers along the way... because in that process - that pursuit - beliefs, baggage, and the entire array programming picked up throughout our lives is confronted. It is literally "run into" as a result of going directly for the truth of you. It's in the way, like a fallen timber across a path. It is a barrier between who and what you believe yourself to be, and Who and What You really Are. By inquiring deep into what it is, allowing it to surface and be known to us, and expressing it to another so they too know what it's like for you, we get through it, overcome it, even dissolve it. Time and again, we express what we become aware of to another, in a dyad.


When considering the many modalities of spiritual seeking created by humankind over millennia, The Enlightenment Intensive has broken new ground. It is on the cutting edge of seeker technology. It's effectiveness at fostering "breakthroughs", Direct Experiences of Absolute Truth, is such that you could call it a modern wonder. The "dyad" format - two practitioners sitting directly across from one another, amplifies the consciousness at work exponentially. The principle of "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" transpires.

In the dyad, two seekers team up against one mind. Two together, have the sum power of 3 or 4 working apart. In solo meditation, one simply watches the thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc, rise up and pass on, often to return. In the dyad, the contemplator expresses what comes up to the very attentive listening partner, who simply watches, listens, and tries to understand, without responding or making gestures, and without judgment. When true understanding between two individuals occurs, mind is released, and is much more likely to stay away. 

For most of us, our stories, our thoughts, feelings, hurts, frustrations, beliefs, perceptions (and on and on) run through our minds in perpetual patterns or even keep us stuck in a "state" of some sort (state of worry, state of lethargy, state of irritation, etc.), keeping us from being present to our life here and now. These bits of information, like mail on an office desk, just sit there, either never opened, never replied to, never understood, or just simply never tossed in the garbage. Our "inbox" is stuffed and overflowing with incomplete communications, leaving a burdensome feeling about the unfinished business that awaits us. 

It is the power of two conscious beings working together, and the inquiry into truth, and the clearing of old baggage through conscious communication and understanding, that sets this practice apart. It is our experience, that in the gamut of modalities aimed at break through, transformational experiences, nothing comes close in speed and depth, as this arduous pursuit of truth inside the safety and profundity of an Enlightenment Intensive. Yoga Masters, Zen monastics, psycho-therapists, disciples who have spent years with a guru in an ashram (all valuable experiences for sure) have agreed that nothing else quite measures up. Many masters, teachers and healers of such various backgrounds have found the EI so effective they have added it as a regular part of their programs. If you're looking for what you might call "the real deal" in the realm of spiritual seeking, you owe it to yourself to try and Enlightenment Intensive.  

The schedule includes contemplation periods outside of dyads where one can be silent with themselves. They include a silent sitting contemplation, two 1 hour walking contemplations, tea contemplation, and an afternoon rest contemplation (and a few others).


  • a calm clear mind
  • a soft and open heart
  • more energy and reduced stress
  • improved focus
  • physical healing
  • leave feeling years younger & pounds lighter
  • improved communication & listening skills
  • improved harmony and enhanced intimacy in relationship
  • enrich your current practice be it professional, athletic, artistic, or spiritual
  • discover or enhance paranormal abilities
  • find deeper meaning in life and insights into your life purpose
  • increased self love and compassion
  • uncommonly therapeutic
  • release the fear of living authentically, as who you really are 
  • have a Direct Experience of Absolute Truth, and Realize your Self to be beyond life and death, without beginning or end, thus liberate yourself from fear and suffering, and find everlasting peace in this life and beyond



MAY 30 - JUNE 03 2019

$797 *all inclusive




At the heart of all spiritual traditions lies the fundamental question, “Who am I?” For three incredibly focused days, inside a tight, safe and sacred container, the EI participant holds and cares for the question like a newborn baby, in search of the Absolute Truth of Who They Are. ("What am I?" is also an available question, usually offered to those who have already taken an EI, or on the approval or advice of the facilitator.)

Answers do come in the form of insights. Healings occur. Hearts burst open as masks are finally dropped. Conscious connection with others is experienced, often for the first time. Ecstatic energetic experiences, uncontrollable laughter, deep emotional release...the vast array of experiences is uncanny.

As wonderful as they all may be, the one and only purpose of an Enlightenment Intensive is to give the participant the best possible opportunity to have a Direct Experience of Absolute Truth.

Energy Exchange

We are not here to sell, but to serve. We are most interested in those individuals with a sincere desire to know the truth. If you are feeling drawn to this experience, but something is in the way from making it happen, please reach out and contact us. Let's see if we can resolve it together, and get you on your rightful journey home to your true self. 

$797 *all inclusive

*Four nights accommodation  wholesome homemade meals (please send dietary restrictions upon registration),  pre and post intensive support , and this profoundly beautiful experience.


To register, or to find out if the Enlightenment Intensive is right for you, email: 

peacefultrev@gmail.com   with Subject Line   Contact.

Include in the email:

- your full name

- city of residence

- preferred email address

- cell number

- suggested times for a phone call

*Note: A conversation with Trevor for all first timers is a routine requirement,  just to ensure that an Enlightenment Intensive is right for you.

Call us. 

We're happy to discuss any questions, concerns or barriers regarding your Enlightenment Intensive. 

587-229-0770 - Trevor

204-899-3921 - Mira

Enlightenment Team

Trevor Thibodeau - Facilitator

"I'm a 47 year old man, Joe Canadian in many ways. I find that what it is to be 'spiritual' is often misunderstood and misrepresented. To me it's really nothing special. It simply means being aware, authentic, honest with oneself and others, and in service to the greater good."


Trevor  trained as an Enlightenment Master and Level 1 Clearer under the powerful tutelage of Lawrence Noyes, the world's foremost teacher of the work of Charles Berner, founder of the Enlightenment Intensive. On his second intensive, Trevor directly experienced "how things happen"; the unfolding nature of reality, which the Tao Te Ching describes quite well. He was honoured to be appointed Tribe Shaman of Head Smashed In Division of MDI, a community of men committed to helping each other become positive & powerful masculine influences in their families, communities, and in the world.  While being a contemporary and free-thinker, Trevor feels a deep connection to ancient wisdoms. He lived and practiced in Plum Village during a six monthh sabbatical, under the guidance of beloved and world renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.  Trevor participated on his first Enlightenment Intensive 16 years ago, and knew then as he does now, that this profound Awakening retreat will always be a part of his life. He has been facilitating Enlightenment Intensives since 2012. This is not his passion, but his calling. He will stand in the fire with you, face your demons along side you, and he will certainly sing and dance with you when the occasion calls for it.

 "I will do my absolute best to never sell you out.  Knowing the utter fulfillment Truth brings, I  want nothing less for you." 

Mira Black

"I found my true voice inside the dyads of an Enlightenment Intensive. I found my true self reflected in the eyes of my dyad partners. Here, in the safe & sacred space of and EI, I found true Love pouring into me as I walked towards the Truth of Who I am." 

Mira has been a Calgary Enlightenment Intensive Senior Monitor since the Spring of 2015, and is partnered with Trevor in this work and in this life. She has taken her Senior Monitor training with Lawrence Noyes, and has been involved in Enlightenment Intensives for over 7 years. One need not spend much time with Mira to recognize that she radiates love and compassion. Because of her willingness to be deeply vulnerable (of substantial benefit in this work), her heart bursts open almost as a matter of course while receiving others in their expressions of self. Innately nurturing, she’s fulfilled by giving comfort and care to others. She brings with her a Degree in Psychology, as well as Certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Crisis Intervention, and Yoga, with 20 years experience as a counsellor and care worker for the vulnerable sector of society. As a student of Nada and Bhakti Yoga, Mira is a gifted poet, spoken word, and recording artist with the voice of the Goddess.

Rovena Sky

Rovena is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Tantra Teacher and the founder of the Calgary Tantric Community. She leads Women's Circles and teaches workshops on Thriving Relationships, Compassionate Communication, Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality. Rovena has studied with Master Tantra teachers around the world. She has formal training as a Senior Monitor and Clearer. She is proud to support people in creating the life and relationships they love. She helps couples and singles create and keep the magic in their relationships. She teaches Tantra as a path of Love and Joy and Freedom; living with an Open Heart, Awareness and Presence. She is the mother of 2 and is committed to bringing more love and joy to everyone around her.

Kirsten Hrup

Kirsten is a dedicate practitioner of Surrender Meditation and has given herself to the art and discipline of service to the healing and awakening of others. She has formal training as a Senior Monitor for the work of Enlightenment Intensives and lives a life congruent to this break through work. This nurturing soul will be your Chief monitor which means you will have an energy of sacred space, supportive environment, active listening and loving tender care.

Paul Graham

“Of all the valuable resources out there, I believe that the Enlightenment Intensive is the most effective for emptying the contents of the mind and dramatically increasing the chances of participants having a direct experience of their true nature, or what Eckhart Tolle call an Awakening. Because this retreat has been so instrumental and supportive of me in my own life and inner journey I want others to also experience the benefits that I have received.” 

Paul has been a Calgary Enlightenment Intensive Senior Monitor since the spring of 2015, and has been involved in this work for 11 years. He has also completed his EI Master's training with Lawrence Noyes and leads his own Intensives. A humble soul and an unsung hero, Paul gives of himself freely in service to those who seek to Know the Truth of Who and What they are. He is a solid and sincere presence, gently guiding the participants, and holding space on Enlightenment Intensives, which is no small endeavour. Of particular interest to Paul, is the sanctity of the dyad: a sacred space within the sacred space of the Enlightenment Intensive.

Paul also comes with a background in conventional healing modalities, including a Master's Degree in Social Work, and more than 18 years as a clinical therapist working with traumatized children and families.

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